Monday, November 28, 2011


One of my early posts on this blog was on drawing people, kind of caricature style.

But let me tell you something... before I started drawing people semi-caricature style...

"I was drawing anime(style)."

Yep, when I was in gradeschool and I fell in love with Sailormoon, Ghost Fighter (aka Yuyu Hakusho) and ultimately Ranma 1/2 that I started drawing anime characters. I started using the "grid style" of copying drawings until I've learned how to draw without grid.

Too bad I lost 3 file cases worth of anime drawings in college. I could not recall who last asked to take home my stuff, and so I no longer knew whom to ask to get them back. And as if losing my "roots" due to this incident, I've somehow stopped producing good drawn anime.

But I still would draw from time to time, depending on the mood, so here are a few of which I was able to salvage:

Then from time to time, especially whenever I get bored during training or meetings, I would draw half faces on scratch papers. I actually call them my "doodles". :P

But since everybody draws anime, and a lot draw better than I actually, I started drawing people cartoon style, my own way (no objections please!).

Disclaimer: These are meant to be "cartoon" versions of people so don't expect that they would look like the person too much. :p

That's all I'm gonna post for now.

BTW, please expect to see some of these drawings on future posts as most of them were either used in a T-shirt or invitation project. :)

And I'm off to bed. Thanks for browsing! :)

God bless!

JekDaniels Part 2

Okay... so here I was, reviewing how my blog has looked so far... then I came upon this post on a JekDaniels flyer project, which was pretty much requesting for advice.

Well, I did get feedback and advice via Facebook, but I didn't realize I forgot to followthrough on my post here.
So let me tell you what happened after my first JekDaniels post.

First, after the designs I previous posted, I came up with a few more, this time using the official studio's logo:

And the winner is... I actually forgot which won. But it's one of those above. Hahaha.

Sheesh... must be getting really old. :p

Nevertheless, hope you enjoyed this post. Will try to post more soon! :)

I just realized I still have a lot of projects to backtrack through this blog. But I need energy and motivation to post and post and post more.

Do encourage me, okay? :D

God bless! :)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Invitation Project: JoyMel Wedding

As promised, though it took a while, here's a post on my latest invitation project: JoyMel Wedding. <3

As I stated from my previous post, the motif for my dear friends' wedding is Bloody Red+Gold+White. They also sent me a copy of their monogram and heart gif to use for the invites.

So here are the designs I created for them:

While here below are the envelope/packaging samples:

And boy, it was a really tough battle. The bride and I had to decide whether to go for a "red invite" and "gold/light envelope" or "light invite" with "red envelope."

And the deciding factor was this -- a texturized (heart) felt paper c/o my Big Shot tool:

So after much ado about things, little corrections here and there, with all love and effort from me and (i am very happy to say) my hubby:

Here is the final output... tadaaaaah!

And here's a shot from the couple's official wedding photos (you can see the bride and mom-of-the-bride added their personal touch through glitters):

Don't you just feel the love in the air? :) It was such a "hearty" experience. <3

It may have been a tough job creating 80 invitations by hand...
But I was really blessed to be with a very supportive husband who did all the embossing while I did the cutting...
And though in the end we both had red fingers and hands (the felt paper was sweating on us haha)...
We both felt happy knowing our hardwork and "labor of love" will make another couple smile.

And you bet it did... well, I'd like to think it did. :p kidding. ^^v

So until next time... hmmm... I wonder when next time will be...
If you want to read more posts soon, do let me know so I can try my hardest to present you with something.

God-willing of course!

God bless and good day guys! :)

Friday, November 11, 2011

JoyMel Save-the-Date Project

Hello... I'm back! =)

And I finally got approval from my friend and client to post details of my recent project for them. Yey!

So early this year, I found out that my mentor at work and his lovely girlfriend who also happens to be my friend, are getting married. So the first thing I did was... ask them how the proposal happened. Hahaha. But until now that remains a secret.

Anyway, since these 2 people are very dear to me, I first volunteered to create their digital STD (Save the Date).

Here are the initial layouts I presented, revolving around the red+yellow+white motif for the wedding:

But after much discussion and coordination with the couple, we finally nailed down the exact specificatios they had in mind:
1. Motif is now Bloody Red + Gold + White
2. The STD theme should be similar to Skype or Yahoo Messenger, since they were in a long distance relationship and these tools have kept them close despite their physical locations.

So... here is the final STD layout:

I'd say... it was such a pleasure and honor to have done something good for my friends. Don't you think?

But things didn't stop there. So wait for my next post: JoyMel Wedding Invites.

'Til next time! God bless! :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Ivy Notepad Project

I can't believe it's been 4 weeks since my last post... my my, I must have been really busy... or rather stressed.

But thank God I'm okay now. I hope to be better soon. And be the best I'll ever be in the future...

Anyway, tonight, I want to post on a notepad project I did last week.

You see, one of my dearest friends, Ivy, whom I first met during my contract signing with the company I still am working for, and with whom I've shared a lot of memories - most of which are really good, is leaving the city to help with their family business in the province.

And so, as a token of our (with Carla, another good friend) love and appreciation for her friendship, I created this simple personalized notepad where Carla and I wrote personal messages... the caricatures, of course, were created from

Front Page. Ivy c/o

Carla's Message Page :)

My Message Page :)

Back cover with a quote taken from

Actually, I've been thinking about creating these notepads and give them to people on Christmas.

And I'm also thinking of creating and selling them too... but that will only happen when I'm done with costing...

Costing, costing... I wish you were as easy as cutting pretty paper. :p

So that's it for tonight! Til next time! :)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

May 2010 Reflections

Hi there! Yes, I know, it's been a while.

I have recently finished a Save-the-Date and Wedding Invitation project, but I cannot post pics of that just yet... I normally wait until the event is over before I post my projects to respect the privacy of the people involved in it. :) So do wait for that... I'll probably post them by November.

So tonight, let me start with another series of backtracks. The theme: Reflections

For those who do not know, I teach at our Children's Church (a.k.a Sunday School) and as a worker of God, it is a must that we become well-versed on His Word, and that we meditate on it daily and become closer to Him.

Joshua 1:8 says..."Keep this Book of the Law always on your lips; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful."

So we have this monthly activity at church where we would read a chapter of the Bible daily and write down our reflections on it. Then people started getting creative with the papers they submit. So I decided to be creative as well...

So for starters, here's the May 2010 Reflections I submitted way way back. This is my first project using my first treasure I bought from Memory Lane Store -- Martha Stewart's Arch Lattice Edge Punch.

Soooo... what do you think? :)

Monday, August 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Eone!

It's been a while since my last post... well, as usual, I have been busy with a lot of stuff, sideline and all, and did I mention I got really sick? But thank God I'm all well now. :)

It's a holiday here in the Philippines. I was supposed to be joining a family outing but due to my not fully recovered infection, and the relatively bad weather these past days, hubby and I decided not to go.

Sadly, the decision was made at the last minute, and so I didn't have the opportunity to confirm my attendance to Eone's, my dear Ate Jen's daughter, Birthday Party today.

So today's post should really be a tribute to her...

May the good Lord bless you with love and care, good health, wisdom and good character that you may grow to be a wonderful young lady some day. God bless you and your family. Mommy and Daddy and their families and friends love you very much! :)

I really hope to meet this little girl someday. Until now I have only watched her through cellphone videos and pictures her mom fondly takes and proudly shows at the office. Hihihi. :)

Lastly, here's the tarp design I created for her birthday. The theme is Hi-5! Pretty simple, eh? :)

*No copyright infringement intended. Design was for personal use. One thing, Hi-5 goodies are rare in this area.

Saturday, July 23, 2011


I love drawing. But sometimes I get the feeling drawing does not love me.

So after giving it much thought... I've decided to stop creating caricatures for business...

Yes, there was a time I did caricatures for extra cash, but note that I was charging really low because I didn't have much confidence with my work and I was always worried about the end satisfaction of my clients... :p

Thankfully, here are some works that [I would like to think] resulted to happy faces:

And oh... here's what started it all...
Years ago, I joined a Basic Caricature workshop at work and I started trying stuff I learned, by drawing my friends:

So if you're wondering if I'd ever resume drawing again... "perhaps, when I have formally enrolled in an art school and my confidence on my work has gone sky-high... then yes."

But for now, I'll stick with cutting and folding paper. =)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

BackTrack CopyCat: Janae Invites

Yes, I still have a lot of works to backtrack through... and today's feature are the invitations (and other stuff) I made for my inaanak, Janae. :)

Janae was to be dedicated unto the Lord last April, and I was tasked to do the tarpaulin design and invitations. It was also her first birthday celebration.

So for the invitations, I used the motif Yellow + Pink with a touch of Brown to align with the primary photo I was attaching to it. And then, inspired by a tri-fold Bunny Card I saw in one of the blogs I used to follow (sorry I lost the link to the original already), I layed-out the invitation in three-folds as well, and used my Martha Stewart puncher to design the top edge.

So here's the result:

The primary pic: Janae

The Invite - Opened

The Invite - Closed

But in the interest of time, I had to change a part of desing a bit - instead of a ribbon, I just placed a huge yellow button:

Here's my logo + contact details at the back of the invite.

BTW, did mention that before this, I made 2 other designs as well? Here's a glimpse of them:
Two-Fold Layout

With Eyelet Layout

The Invite Party

And yes, I did mention about the tarp design... I actually made a lot...

And here's what they used for the event:

So there. I thank the Lord for giving me the wisdom and talent to have done all this. I loved being a blessing to this family as they too are a great blessing to me.

Happy busy Saturday everyone! God bless! :)