Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Define: Eclations

I'm just taking this opportunity to say what I think the name "eclations" mean... coz honestly, I don't think it is a word in the dictionary yet. :p

When I first thought of making paper crafting a business, the first thing I wanted to have was a "brand name". I had several themes in mind like CutEprints, Cut&Fold, Happy Thoughts, Felicithings (meaning things of happiness), Oh Craft!, etc. But after discussing things with my good friend TJ, the term "Eclations" was coined.

It supposedly came from the French word "├ęclat" meaning "great brilliance" then we just added "-tions" prolly from "creations". So in essence, we wanted it to mean "brilliant creations" but normally joke about it saying... "Eclations by Jacque, in Tagalog, 'mga ka-eklatan' ni Jacque". But I don't know what "eklat" exactly means in Tagalog either. ^^v

To craft things that would trigger smiles and to glorify God in the process, for the talent He has given me.


So there you go. Though I'm not sure whether or not I will get to fulfill my "business dream", I know i won't give up on paper crafting... coz it's one of the few things I believe I'd love doing for the rest of my life... :D I just hope the time comes when my works can finally live up to their brand name and I can accomplish my vision. :)

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