Thursday, June 30, 2011

CopyCat Jacque; J23TLORC CC Awards

I have a confession to make... I am NOT creative... I am... a CopyCat...
Or at least that's what I want to call myself.

I do not intend to infringe another artist's copyrights and all... Others actually only call it "inspiration/inspired"...

It's just that whenever I try to design or do something, a lot of ideas and vision come to mind... ALL at the same time... I end up undecided. So my last resort would be to look at other people's works, choose what I would want to use as my pattern... and create my stuff from there...

Lemme give you a sample, and you be the judge. :D

After recently joining flickr, I instantly became a fan of Cathy Fong...
And while browsing through her works, I found these really really cute tags.

I did mention in my comment that she inspired me yet again... coz I just knew... I would use them as my pattern for this semester's Children's Church graduation where I teach on Sundays. But instead of tags, I would need to turn them into medals/awards.

Of course, her's is way way way cuter and better, but here's my work anyway - the CC Awards:

Well.. what do you think? Do leave comments or mail me what you think. ;)

Thanks for viewing. Good night and God bless! :)

Friday, June 24, 2011

Backtrack: April Wedding Invites

Last time I posted about my own wedding invites colored pink+beige...

But early this year, I accepted an invitations project for my cousin-in-law's sister's officemate...

At first, I was told to have it my way, as long as it fits the budget and the motif's tiffany blue and silver/shiny white...

So here are the prototypes I made:
Belt Style 1

Eyelet Style

Enveloped Style

Enveloped Style - Medallion

Enveloped Style - Better Together

Folded Style

Belt Style 2

And the decision was... to use the same style I had for my own wedding - Enveloped Style... but not with Medallion, not the Better Together layout either... it has to be with penguins! <3

And I quote: "Penguins can only have one mate... they spend almost half of their life looking for their destined partner, then spend the rest of it with him/her... We hope you find your penguin too... BECAUSE WE HAVE FOUND EACH OTHER!"

(I researched and know... they are not talking about the Emperor type of penguin here... :p)
But anyway, just how cute is that?

So I heeded and here's the finished product:

By the way, the wedding was on January 2011. I just named this project after the bride. :)

Til next time. It's a rainy evening here in Manila. Hope everybody is fine despite the rain and flood.

God bless always!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Backtrack: My Wedding Invites

I love cutting and folding paper! I love creating invitations for special events. Though I understand I'm not much skilled in this area yet... but...

If I had the choice, I would have made it my profession.

But for now, I can only make it a hobby. And the first of my invitation projects is my very own wedding's invitation.

Hubby and I got married last December 17, 2009.

We've gone through a series of "motif" changes -- green+yellow, blue+silver, brown+beige... but I really couldn't give up the color pink (or old rose?)... so we finally made up our mind and went with pink+beige.

So here's our pink+beige invitations:

First page. Caricature c/o me. :)

Second Page. The Entourage.

The map.

The envelope. I used a pink shiny gift wrapper and beige satin + pink organza ribbons.

The whole package; with the RSVP and Thank You mini-cards.

Added pearls as decoration on the first page. :)

And oh... here's our Save-the-Date (sent through email only):

I'll be posting more of my invite projects in the coming days.
Next stop should be my April invites project. :) Do wait for that!

God bless! :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Jek Daniels

How do you create/design a "music studio" flyer? I'm in dire need of advice... :(

Last week, my cousin-in-law requested if I can design a flyer for her brother's music studio...

I immediately said "yes!" and I was really excited over the project... I was imagining it has to be something rock or gothic, dark or cool similar to the gorillaz effect...

But now I'm in a pinch... and I dont know how to move forward... and here are the very few designs I came up with...

So what do you think?
Any piece of advice is very much welcomed!

God bless, you all! :)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Finishing Strong

I mentioned last time I was joining the Gallery Idol 2011 contest.

After posting 2 entries both in flickr (the official entry site) and facebook, I received several nice comments and one common feedback --> they may be too simple.

Unfortunately, that's exactly "me".

I have a thing for "simple" things. Simple designs. And more often than not, monochormatic ones. Playing around with colors is a risk I've always struggled with. Experimenting with balance (e.g. mixing stripes with circles or other prints) was never my thing. But perhaps, after a while of doing these cards stuff, I'd learn and be braver to experiment next time. So do join me in waiting for that time to come. ;)

Meanwhile, enough with the introduction. Haha. :p

My blog for tonight is really about "finishing strong", not just "getting by", but overcoming head-on. These past days have been especially rough on me, and I began to realize that life is not always easy. More often than not, we encounter trials that seem really hard to bear, but the key is to always fight on and finish strong, keeping the faith that God is there, helping you.

This thought has inspired me to come up with my third Gallery Idol entry. :)

Yes, joyous occasions like weddings, birthdays, etc are worth congratulating. (And I do plan to create card entries for these later)... But tonight I wanted to congratulate people who have not always had life easy, but are fighting on, keeping the faith, and soon enough, I know will finish strong.

As 2 Timothy 4:7 says: "I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith."

So to you life-overcomers out there, here's my card!

Hand-drawn Winner Girl (since I didn't have stamps)

Colored and printed using MS Paint and Canon

Cuttlebug embossing envelope and Big Kick
Pretty pink lace and buttons
That's it for tonight. Please pray for me and do wait for more entries.

BTW, I will be out of the country from tomorrow until June 18, so I might not be able to post some updates. But I do hope you'll still be there to welcome me back. :)

Good night and God bless!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

PaperCrafts: Gallery Idol

Last week, I chanced upon a copy of the Paper Crafts Magazine January/February 2011 Issue. I fell in love with the cover instantly and I love the treasure (cards) I found inside! <3

I've been following a lot of blogs on paper crafts and scrapbooking already, and my new treasure has encouraged me to start blogging too; and perhaps, attempt to connect with my "mentor/inspiration" bloggers on this area. :">

And what perfect timing... an online card-making contest just opened. See here: Gallery Idol
I really wanted to join... more than the prizes, I want to take this opportunity to connect. :)

I looked at the entries so far, and I know I haven't got a shot... they are all so good in their craft and the entries are all so wonderfully made...

But, I tried creating my own cards anyway.

A little disclaimer: Due to the scarcity of materials/resources to me (and budget constraints)... I resorted to using basic materials I bought from National Bookstore + inkjet printing rather than stamping... (I sure hope this does not disqualify me from the contest :p)

The auditon's theme is "Congrats cards". Here are my initial attempts...

I know, I know... They are rather simple... no... they are really so simple.
But I submitted 2 cards already anyway. :p
I just had to do this so I could see if someone would start posting comments on them. *blush*

The auditions will run until July 4, 2011. Hopefully when I find more time, I can create and submit really better and craftier cards.

Wish me courage and strength! :)

God bless everyone! Night! :)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Backtrack: Chuboy Glass Project

Last May 2011, I was given the opportunity to create the Baby Dedication souvenirs for the very cute son of my cousin - Alfonso Gabriel "Chuboy" Pamintuan Felix.

Mommy and Daddy's choice were 25 shotglasses and 25 bottles with a caricature of their family. No other specific instructions, "just box it."

So after weeks of trying, as I orginally planned to design the glasses by hand-drawing their caricatures until my very little drawing talent failed me, I resorted to going to my favorite and MS Paint for help. :D Thank God they liked the design I came up with.

It was crunch time, 1 week to go until the event... I had glasses to print on and boxes to assemble... it was very nice that hubby offered to help. Can you just believe that? Tolits actually assisted with the ribbons and buttons. :"> We finished everything just in time and I thank God my cousin liked the end-results.

Here they are... the results of our hard and teamwork:

Sorry, I dunno why the picture gets rotated to the right.
This is shotglass box with the front of my paperbag. :)

Shotglass box.

Bottle boxes

My Logo at the bottom of the Bottle boxes.

That's it for the Chuboy project.

P.S. Please teach me how to un-rotate the pictures. :p Thanks!

God bless as always! :)

Friday, June 3, 2011

Backtrack: More Shot Glasses

I love giving away shot glasses. And some others love giving them away too.

Not really because I or we are drinkers... and we want others to be drinkers... but it's a whole new way of personalizing stuff other than the typical white photo mugs.

And I would like to think I am one of pioneers in this field... simply because (as I would like to think) I first made the shot glass + cartoon combination... as one lady from Divisoria from where I was canvassing said... "ang galing naman nyan, ang unique ng design mo, kenkoy... [that's great, your design is unique, comic]"

So after last night's post on Chevron Edition Shot Glasses, here are the shot glasses I made for my own team... the DEx Edition:

Oh wait... I actually used white "tea cups"... :p

And here's my manager. :)

And after much promotion in FB, here are shot glasses I made for my good friend Anntutay (

This is her... :)

And this is her knight. :)

Well that's it for tonight, or perhaps not... But I have one more edition of of Shot Glasses to post. Do wait for that, especially watch out for the boxes I made for them. :">

Next stop... Shot Glasses - Chuboy Edition.