Friday, June 24, 2011

Backtrack: April Wedding Invites

Last time I posted about my own wedding invites colored pink+beige...

But early this year, I accepted an invitations project for my cousin-in-law's sister's officemate...

At first, I was told to have it my way, as long as it fits the budget and the motif's tiffany blue and silver/shiny white...

So here are the prototypes I made:
Belt Style 1

Eyelet Style

Enveloped Style

Enveloped Style - Medallion

Enveloped Style - Better Together

Folded Style

Belt Style 2

And the decision was... to use the same style I had for my own wedding - Enveloped Style... but not with Medallion, not the Better Together layout either... it has to be with penguins! <3

And I quote: "Penguins can only have one mate... they spend almost half of their life looking for their destined partner, then spend the rest of it with him/her... We hope you find your penguin too... BECAUSE WE HAVE FOUND EACH OTHER!"

(I researched and know... they are not talking about the Emperor type of penguin here... :p)
But anyway, just how cute is that?

So I heeded and here's the finished product:

By the way, the wedding was on January 2011. I just named this project after the bride. :)

Til next time. It's a rainy evening here in Manila. Hope everybody is fine despite the rain and flood.

God bless always!

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