Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Backtrack: Chuboy Glass Project

Last May 2011, I was given the opportunity to create the Baby Dedication souvenirs for the very cute son of my cousin - Alfonso Gabriel "Chuboy" Pamintuan Felix.

Mommy and Daddy's choice were 25 shotglasses and 25 bottles with a caricature of their family. No other specific instructions, "just box it."

So after weeks of trying, as I orginally planned to design the glasses by hand-drawing their caricatures until my very little drawing talent failed me, I resorted to going to my favorite faceyourmanga.com and MS Paint for help. :D Thank God they liked the design I came up with.

It was crunch time, 1 week to go until the event... I had glasses to print on and boxes to assemble... it was very nice that hubby offered to help. Can you just believe that? Tolits actually assisted with the ribbons and buttons. :"> We finished everything just in time and I thank God my cousin liked the end-results.

Here they are... the results of our hard and teamwork:

Sorry, I dunno why the picture gets rotated to the right.
This is shotglass box with the front of my paperbag. :)

Shotglass box.

Bottle boxes

My Logo at the bottom of the Bottle boxes.

That's it for the Chuboy project.

P.S. Please teach me how to un-rotate the pictures. :p Thanks!

God bless as always! :)

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