Friday, June 3, 2011

Backtrack: More Shot Glasses

I love giving away shot glasses. And some others love giving them away too.

Not really because I or we are drinkers... and we want others to be drinkers... but it's a whole new way of personalizing stuff other than the typical white photo mugs.

And I would like to think I am one of pioneers in this field... simply because (as I would like to think) I first made the shot glass + cartoon combination... as one lady from Divisoria from where I was canvassing said... "ang galing naman nyan, ang unique ng design mo, kenkoy... [that's great, your design is unique, comic]"

So after last night's post on Chevron Edition Shot Glasses, here are the shot glasses I made for my own team... the DEx Edition:

Oh wait... I actually used white "tea cups"... :p

And here's my manager. :)

And after much promotion in FB, here are shot glasses I made for my good friend Anntutay (

This is her... :)

And this is her knight. :)

Well that's it for tonight, or perhaps not... But I have one more edition of of Shot Glasses to post. Do wait for that, especially watch out for the boxes I made for them. :">

Next stop... Shot Glasses - Chuboy Edition.

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