Thursday, June 2, 2011

Backtrack: Shot Glass Project (Chevron Edition)

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift last year was not easy... so hubby and I decided to go for something simple yet shows a labor of love... hence the birth of a series of "Shot Glass Projects".

Using materials bought from National Bookstore and Robinsons Department Store in Ermita, the first set of my project was for hubby's beloved officemates... a not so easy task because I haven't really known these people so I had to rely on hubby's descriptions to construct their cartoon faces using

The final output:

Thankfully, they liked it, they appreciated it, and it was overwhelming. <3

Note: The box sample contained my earlier brand "Felicithings"... but nope..., we no longer boxed the rest of the glasses. Due to time constraint. ^^v

More post on Shot Glass projects tomorrow. :)

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