Wednesday, June 8, 2011

PaperCrafts: Gallery Idol

Last week, I chanced upon a copy of the Paper Crafts Magazine January/February 2011 Issue. I fell in love with the cover instantly and I love the treasure (cards) I found inside! <3

I've been following a lot of blogs on paper crafts and scrapbooking already, and my new treasure has encouraged me to start blogging too; and perhaps, attempt to connect with my "mentor/inspiration" bloggers on this area. :">

And what perfect timing... an online card-making contest just opened. See here: Gallery Idol
I really wanted to join... more than the prizes, I want to take this opportunity to connect. :)

I looked at the entries so far, and I know I haven't got a shot... they are all so good in their craft and the entries are all so wonderfully made...

But, I tried creating my own cards anyway.

A little disclaimer: Due to the scarcity of materials/resources to me (and budget constraints)... I resorted to using basic materials I bought from National Bookstore + inkjet printing rather than stamping... (I sure hope this does not disqualify me from the contest :p)

The auditon's theme is "Congrats cards". Here are my initial attempts...

I know, I know... They are rather simple... no... they are really so simple.
But I submitted 2 cards already anyway. :p
I just had to do this so I could see if someone would start posting comments on them. *blush*

The auditions will run until July 4, 2011. Hopefully when I find more time, I can create and submit really better and craftier cards.

Wish me courage and strength! :)

God bless everyone! Night! :)

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