Monday, November 21, 2011

Invitation Project: JoyMel Wedding

As promised, though it took a while, here's a post on my latest invitation project: JoyMel Wedding. <3

As I stated from my previous post, the motif for my dear friends' wedding is Bloody Red+Gold+White. They also sent me a copy of their monogram and heart gif to use for the invites.

So here are the designs I created for them:

While here below are the envelope/packaging samples:

And boy, it was a really tough battle. The bride and I had to decide whether to go for a "red invite" and "gold/light envelope" or "light invite" with "red envelope."

And the deciding factor was this -- a texturized (heart) felt paper c/o my Big Shot tool:

So after much ado about things, little corrections here and there, with all love and effort from me and (i am very happy to say) my hubby:

Here is the final output... tadaaaaah!

And here's a shot from the couple's official wedding photos (you can see the bride and mom-of-the-bride added their personal touch through glitters):

Don't you just feel the love in the air? :) It was such a "hearty" experience. <3

It may have been a tough job creating 80 invitations by hand...
But I was really blessed to be with a very supportive husband who did all the embossing while I did the cutting...
And though in the end we both had red fingers and hands (the felt paper was sweating on us haha)...
We both felt happy knowing our hardwork and "labor of love" will make another couple smile.

And you bet it did... well, I'd like to think it did. :p kidding. ^^v

So until next time... hmmm... I wonder when next time will be...
If you want to read more posts soon, do let me know so I can try my hardest to present you with something.

God-willing of course!

God bless and good day guys! :)


  1. Love love love it :) Thanks Jacq Jacq! Mel and I really appreciate the effort that you and Tolits have put into creating our invitations. It was great having you as our supplier and friend! Keep up the great work, and may you have many, many more clients to come. God bless!

  2. thanks miss joy! it was indeed our honor and joy to have been a blessing to a blessing! cheers to a happily married life! :)