Monday, November 28, 2011

JekDaniels Part 2

Okay... so here I was, reviewing how my blog has looked so far... then I came upon this post on a JekDaniels flyer project, which was pretty much requesting for advice.

Well, I did get feedback and advice via Facebook, but I didn't realize I forgot to followthrough on my post here.
So let me tell you what happened after my first JekDaniels post.

First, after the designs I previous posted, I came up with a few more, this time using the official studio's logo:

And the winner is... I actually forgot which won. But it's one of those above. Hahaha.

Sheesh... must be getting really old. :p

Nevertheless, hope you enjoyed this post. Will try to post more soon! :)

I just realized I still have a lot of projects to backtrack through this blog. But I need energy and motivation to post and post and post more.

Do encourage me, okay? :D

God bless! :)

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