Friday, November 11, 2011

JoyMel Save-the-Date Project

Hello... I'm back! =)

And I finally got approval from my friend and client to post details of my recent project for them. Yey!

So early this year, I found out that my mentor at work and his lovely girlfriend who also happens to be my friend, are getting married. So the first thing I did was... ask them how the proposal happened. Hahaha. But until now that remains a secret.

Anyway, since these 2 people are very dear to me, I first volunteered to create their digital STD (Save the Date).

Here are the initial layouts I presented, revolving around the red+yellow+white motif for the wedding:

But after much discussion and coordination with the couple, we finally nailed down the exact specificatios they had in mind:
1. Motif is now Bloody Red + Gold + White
2. The STD theme should be similar to Skype or Yahoo Messenger, since they were in a long distance relationship and these tools have kept them close despite their physical locations.

So... here is the final STD layout:

I'd say... it was such a pleasure and honor to have done something good for my friends. Don't you think?

But things didn't stop there. So wait for my next post: JoyMel Wedding Invites.

'Til next time! God bless! :)

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