Saturday, July 23, 2011


I love drawing. But sometimes I get the feeling drawing does not love me.

So after giving it much thought... I've decided to stop creating caricatures for business...

Yes, there was a time I did caricatures for extra cash, but note that I was charging really low because I didn't have much confidence with my work and I was always worried about the end satisfaction of my clients... :p

Thankfully, here are some works that [I would like to think] resulted to happy faces:

And oh... here's what started it all...
Years ago, I joined a Basic Caricature workshop at work and I started trying stuff I learned, by drawing my friends:

So if you're wondering if I'd ever resume drawing again... "perhaps, when I have formally enrolled in an art school and my confidence on my work has gone sky-high... then yes."

But for now, I'll stick with cutting and folding paper. =)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

BackTrack CopyCat: Janae Invites

Yes, I still have a lot of works to backtrack through... and today's feature are the invitations (and other stuff) I made for my inaanak, Janae. :)

Janae was to be dedicated unto the Lord last April, and I was tasked to do the tarpaulin design and invitations. It was also her first birthday celebration.

So for the invitations, I used the motif Yellow + Pink with a touch of Brown to align with the primary photo I was attaching to it. And then, inspired by a tri-fold Bunny Card I saw in one of the blogs I used to follow (sorry I lost the link to the original already), I layed-out the invitation in three-folds as well, and used my Martha Stewart puncher to design the top edge.

So here's the result:

The primary pic: Janae

The Invite - Opened

The Invite - Closed

But in the interest of time, I had to change a part of desing a bit - instead of a ribbon, I just placed a huge yellow button:

Here's my logo + contact details at the back of the invite.

BTW, did mention that before this, I made 2 other designs as well? Here's a glimpse of them:
Two-Fold Layout

With Eyelet Layout

The Invite Party

And yes, I did mention about the tarp design... I actually made a lot...

And here's what they used for the event:

So there. I thank the Lord for giving me the wisdom and talent to have done all this. I loved being a blessing to this family as they too are a great blessing to me.

Happy busy Saturday everyone! God bless! :)