Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Ivy Notepad Project

I can't believe it's been 4 weeks since my last post... my my, I must have been really busy... or rather stressed.

But thank God I'm okay now. I hope to be better soon. And be the best I'll ever be in the future...

Anyway, tonight, I want to post on a notepad project I did last week.

You see, one of my dearest friends, Ivy, whom I first met during my contract signing with the company I still am working for, and with whom I've shared a lot of memories - most of which are really good, is leaving the city to help with their family business in the province.

And so, as a token of our (with Carla, another good friend) love and appreciation for her friendship, I created this simple personalized notepad where Carla and I wrote personal messages... the caricatures, of course, were created from faceyourmanga.com.

Front Page. Ivy c/o faceyourmanga.com

Carla's Message Page :)

My Message Page :)

Back cover with a quote taken from thinkexist.com

Actually, I've been thinking about creating these notepads and give them to people on Christmas.

And I'm also thinking of creating and selling them too... but that will only happen when I'm done with costing...

Costing, costing... I wish you were as easy as cutting pretty paper. :p

So that's it for tonight! Til next time! :)