Tuesday, January 31, 2012

June 2010 Reflections

While reviewing previous posts, I realized I have not followed through on my "Reflections projects" posts yet. The first and only post I have on the subject so far is for May 2010.

So here's another backtrack post: June 2010 Reflections. And you can expect me to post more on this subject soon. Promise! ^^v

And I'll try to include more details as possible.

So anyway, my reflections for June 2010 were packaged simply -- invitation like:

Materials used:
Envelope: Shiny Blue Board
Insides: White 200gsm paper for main pages
Light Blue 200gsm paper for cover pages
Ribbon: White Satin
Text - computer printed

And that's it.

I'll try to post something again tomorrow.

Until next time! :)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Invitation Project: Burgos+Junasa Nuptials

Previously, I posted about the Save-the-Date I made for my friend Irish. Tonight I'm posting about their wedding invitation layout.

Since they were pressed for time and decided to create their invitations themselves, Irish requested if I can create their invitation layout and then she'll handle the printing and packaging.

So from among the samples I showed her through previous posts (see Invitation Project: JoyMel Wedding), she liked the Stripes layout. So I created the following samples for her:

However, we learned that her sister has already started making the envelopes:
4x8 sinamay purple envelope c/o the bride's creative sister

So we re-designed the invitations, now 4x8 in size, and with a touch of vintage while still adapting the purple+pink motif:

First batch of layout samples, front page only.

Narrowed down. Here's Set A, which they didn't use for the invites. :p
And here is the layout they used for the actual invitations:
Final Layout, Set B. Vintage Corner images c/o http://vintagefeedsacks.blogspot.com
I was supposed to get my copy on the wedding day itself, but I failed to attend. T_T
But I am hoping to see her sometime... not really for the invitation copy but to bond and share good times.

But for now, I gotta sleep. Good night and hope you had a nice time.

God bless always! Until next time. :)

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Irish+Ritche Save-the-Date Project

A friend back in college got married early this year. It was a nice wedding, and she was really pretty, but sadly, I witnessed it only through photos posted on Facebook. :( Hubby and I were supposed to celebrate with them back then, but since we both were not feeling well, and I especially needed bed rest, we missed her big day.

But thankfully, God has given me the opportunity to still be a blessing to this couple (well I'd like to think I was a blessing, alright. ^^v)

So here's how the story goes...

When I first knew she, Irish, got engaged, I created this simple digiscrap to wish her well:

Then as her big day was nearing, she asked me if I can do their invitations. But I had to turn her down and so I volunteered creating their STDs instead. But contrary to the typical Save the Date card, this STD had to have more details to serve as the unofficial invitation as well.

Reusing old templates/layouts, and adapting their Purple+Pink motif, here are the layouts I created:

And this is the final layout she used:

BUT... although I did not create the actual invitations for them, eventually I did the invitation layout. But that will be another post. So wait for it, okay? :)

Until next time. Thank you for dropping by. :)

Friday, January 27, 2012

Sweet Blessing Announcement

Wow! It's been more than a month since I last posted something. As I've been saying in my past posts, I have been "unwell" lately.

Well, technically, I was not "unwell" the whole time...

But a sweet blessing is on the way. And since it has been a challenge, much rest and relaxation has been demanded of me.

But I am happy. :D

And I finally got to share this happiness to the world... well, FB world... back in December.

And would you believe it was our 2nd year anniversary too?

But since it was our little Peanut's 3rd month, hubby and I decided to give our sweet blessing the spotlight... and what better way is there than creating a Sweet Blessing Digiscrap announcement:

It's Peanut's 3rd Month ultrasound photo.
Digiscrap created via MS Photodraw.
Pink+Purple Dot Background downloaded from google images.
Font: Splendid66

And now, Peanut is on its 18th week (4 moths). We do not know the gender yet but we are psyched to know soon! Probably in 3 weeks... and I'll finally know what pronoun to use other than "it". :p

So that's it for now. I gotta go back to rest. Pray for us, okay? I've actually been having these contractions since 6 in the evening and if they persist, we'll need to visit the doctor again tomorrow. Which I do not want to do anymore, except for my already scheduled re-examination.

Have I told you this pregnancy has been rather challenging? Yes, it really is! But it's all worth it and we're happy! :)

Until next time. ;)