Sunday, January 29, 2012

Invitation Project: Burgos+Junasa Nuptials

Previously, I posted about the Save-the-Date I made for my friend Irish. Tonight I'm posting about their wedding invitation layout.

Since they were pressed for time and decided to create their invitations themselves, Irish requested if I can create their invitation layout and then she'll handle the printing and packaging.

So from among the samples I showed her through previous posts (see Invitation Project: JoyMel Wedding), she liked the Stripes layout. So I created the following samples for her:

However, we learned that her sister has already started making the envelopes:
4x8 sinamay purple envelope c/o the bride's creative sister

So we re-designed the invitations, now 4x8 in size, and with a touch of vintage while still adapting the purple+pink motif:

First batch of layout samples, front page only.

Narrowed down. Here's Set A, which they didn't use for the invites. :p
And here is the layout they used for the actual invitations:
Final Layout, Set B. Vintage Corner images c/o
I was supposed to get my copy on the wedding day itself, but I failed to attend. T_T
But I am hoping to see her sometime... not really for the invitation copy but to bond and share good times.

But for now, I gotta sleep. Good night and hope you had a nice time.

God bless always! Until next time. :)

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