Saturday, January 28, 2012

Irish+Ritche Save-the-Date Project

A friend back in college got married early this year. It was a nice wedding, and she was really pretty, but sadly, I witnessed it only through photos posted on Facebook. :( Hubby and I were supposed to celebrate with them back then, but since we both were not feeling well, and I especially needed bed rest, we missed her big day.

But thankfully, God has given me the opportunity to still be a blessing to this couple (well I'd like to think I was a blessing, alright. ^^v)

So here's how the story goes...

When I first knew she, Irish, got engaged, I created this simple digiscrap to wish her well:

Then as her big day was nearing, she asked me if I can do their invitations. But I had to turn her down and so I volunteered creating their STDs instead. But contrary to the typical Save the Date card, this STD had to have more details to serve as the unofficial invitation as well.

Reusing old templates/layouts, and adapting their Purple+Pink motif, here are the layouts I created:

And this is the final layout she used:

BUT... although I did not create the actual invitations for them, eventually I did the invitation layout. But that will be another post. So wait for it, okay? :)

Until next time. Thank you for dropping by. :)

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