Friday, January 27, 2012

Sweet Blessing Announcement

Wow! It's been more than a month since I last posted something. As I've been saying in my past posts, I have been "unwell" lately.

Well, technically, I was not "unwell" the whole time...

But a sweet blessing is on the way. And since it has been a challenge, much rest and relaxation has been demanded of me.

But I am happy. :D

And I finally got to share this happiness to the world... well, FB world... back in December.

And would you believe it was our 2nd year anniversary too?

But since it was our little Peanut's 3rd month, hubby and I decided to give our sweet blessing the spotlight... and what better way is there than creating a Sweet Blessing Digiscrap announcement:

It's Peanut's 3rd Month ultrasound photo.
Digiscrap created via MS Photodraw.
Pink+Purple Dot Background downloaded from google images.
Font: Splendid66

And now, Peanut is on its 18th week (4 moths). We do not know the gender yet but we are psyched to know soon! Probably in 3 weeks... and I'll finally know what pronoun to use other than "it". :p

So that's it for now. I gotta go back to rest. Pray for us, okay? I've actually been having these contractions since 6 in the evening and if they persist, we'll need to visit the doctor again tomorrow. Which I do not want to do anymore, except for my already scheduled re-examination.

Have I told you this pregnancy has been rather challenging? Yes, it really is! But it's all worth it and we're happy! :)

Until next time. ;)

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