Monday, February 20, 2012

Irish Anyone?

Tonight's post is not a backtrack one. :) Yey!

Anyway, I have this friend who's due to give birth to a baby girl in March. And since they are naming her Irish, they wanted her to wear clothes in shades of green, or those that contain the Irish symbol or 4-leaf clover much like the ones below:

Sample onesies posted by my friend in Facebook.
These are not mine nor hers, must have been taken from the net.
Sorry for not posting the source links here.

And since I will be a godmother to this child, and since hubby and I were going to the mall to canvass stuff for our own baby last weekend, and since I had t-shirt transfer paper leftovers, and since this was not too hard and stressful to make at this point, I decided to make her one. :)

Disclaimer: Since this will be for personal use, I only used images I downloaded from google. That's mainly coz I didn't have the capacity to create my own elements at this point, given my health challenges and all. But I did, come up with "my own" layout using these downloaded images.

And here's the Irish onesie I created:

The next question would be... how do I deliver this to the mom-to-be? We'll figure. :p

Some more personal thoughts...
I was really enthusiastic about trying this project out because my own baby is due to come out into this lovely world by June [10] 2012. And I've been planning to create for her (yes, the doctor says gender's 70% girl) onesies -- 1 for each monthsary of her birth. I just haven't decided yet if I would be creating different designs each month, or just 1 design but the "number" changes every time... like a cupcake or minicake with a number candle on top that says how many months my little one is at that time.

Anyway, that is for another post... a really future post... :)

For now, I'm just glad things turned out fine with the Irish onesie. :)

Til next time, I gotta rest because this backpain has been bugging me the whole day... Good night! :)


  1. Nice... We can certainly make money out of this.. ^_^ Creative as always... So proud!

  2. do u still remmy, when we were kids I was so fascinated by the sewing machine for embroidery on home tv shopping? we had no money to buy it then. I'm happy to know that one of us pursued arts and crafts... ingat ka lagi buntis!

  3. haha! until now I am still dreaming of having my own sewing machine. but i have lots of other and more expensive things on my wishlist pa. :p

    can't really say i've pursued it at this point... but perhaps in the (far far) future, i get to make it my full-time job. :p