Sunday, February 5, 2012

July 2010 Reflections

Hi! I hope you're all doing fine. Well I've got a terrible toothache. And for some reason, it has kept me in bed all day, causing me to miss church and miss another special event. Friends say it's still related to my pregnancy and I need to strart taking Calcium soon. Really soon.

And while I'm at it (lying in bed, that is), let me post another one of my reflection projects back in 201. This batch is relatively simple since I didn't have much time to be creative.

I simply assembled white bond papers where my reflections were printed out; green cardstock to serve as cover; decorated with green medallion stamp and green ribbon:

While these are the notepads I created for my mom and bestfriend, where they can write their own reflections. I just used scrapbooking materials I bought from National Bookstore. :p

That's it! Such a quick post. I gotta rest a little bit again. I do hope my toothache does not make me miss work tomorrow too!

Have a great evening! Cheers! :)

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