Friday, April 13, 2012

Dana's 4D Ultrasound

World, I would like to introduce to you our little girl, Dana (coined from Danielle Naomi).

Dana at 7 months, 4D Ultrasound

She is 7 months now, actively kicking every now and then. Baby Kick counting has become addictive and fun. <3

Hubby and I had several names to choose from. At first hubby was insistent on the name "Patricia" and I on "Louise". But I really couldn't let go of the name Danielle since I am inspired by Daniel's story from the Old Testament. But since she is a girl, it has to be spelled with "le" at the end. And then we added the name "Naomi", still after a Biblical character.

Daniel means "God is my judge."
Naomi means "Pleasant."

So we pray that God continue to guide our little girl from then and until she grows up to be a good Christian. That her name be a good reminder that we are foremost beings created for the glory of God. And that may she keep a really pleasant aura and outlook in life and be a blessing to people. :)

And oh... I just wanna mention, Danielle is also Drew Barrymore's name from the movie "Ever After" which I also happen to like very much. <3

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