Friday, April 27, 2012

My First Photobook Project

I am so happy!

My first Photobook Project (finished product) is finally here!

I am not too proud about the layout inside. Since I had to do everything in just 4 hours, I had to re-use downloaded background images and embellishments from And since I haven't had time to explore and learn Photoshop, I resorted to using MS Photodraw.

Nevertheless, I am really happy with how the pages turned out in print.

Thanks a lot to Digiprint for accommodating my request and delivering it in 3 days!

So, here it is....

A little blurry... I really need to get an SLR. ^^v

This is a photobook created to document highlights of my sister-in-law's vacation in the Philippines. Hubby and I are giving it to her as despedida gift. By Tuesday, she will be returning to Dubai for work. We are really happy and blessed to have spent this time with her. Even just her smile lightens up the mood in the family. Love love! <3

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