Monday, May 28, 2012

NoteCard for my First Giveaway

I am happy! After a long time of wanting it, I finally have it! My Martha Stewart Doily Lace edge punch. <3

But... what I failed to mentioned is that before that... I received this from hubby last Mother's Day. <3

Martha Stewart Scoring Board

And what do you do with these toys? A card? An envelope? A box?

Yes, you can do all these, but for my first project, I opted to create a NoteCard (set of 5) inspired by the Martha Stewart notecard tutorial I watched some weeks back. :) Martha Stewart's notecard is actually 5.5 x 4.25 in size, comprised of 3 multi-colored cardstock, 2 of which are edged differently using different punchers.

However, after trying out different paper and punch combinations, and my "being a minimalist" kicking in... I opted for the basics... tadah!!! :)

Materials Used:
4x5 Beige envelopes
Beige 200gsm board for the outer layer, folded in 3
Colored paper for the inner layer, folded in 2
Doily Lace Edge Punch to design both layers
Ribbon + my Logo to bind them together
Transparency film and excess of my beige paper as the packaging

I am actually giving away this first set through my Eclations FB page. I am canvassing how much I can sell these notecard sets and how much people here in Manila would be willing to pay for it. (I actually found similar notecards from the web which cost 7$ per piece. I also found 2-pc 3x4 Notecards of similar nature in National Bookstore which cost Php 42.50)

So... what do you think? :)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Tri-fold Z Card

Tongiht, I created my first Tri-fold Card which I originally saw from Wickedly Wonderful.
I've alwasy wanted to make this card since it is really unique; but I used to be afraid I might be infringing some copyright.

However, I noticed that a lot of blogs have been doing this card and there are even a lot of tutorials in youtube... so I decided to place them in my line of products for a local invitations business I am slowly and gradually putting up. :)

So here's the sample I made. Again, materials here are either scarce or pretty costly here, so rather than using a lot of paper (or scrapbooking paper), I decided to --
  1. Use purchased digital papers or downloaded free ones (or create my own)
  2. Create layout using a computer software
  3. Print all at once.

In this case, I only use one paper since everything is pretty much printed. But if a client prefers that multiple papers be used to create more texture and depth, it's okay with me. I will be charging them the material cost anyway. :p

Some more disclaimers:
  • This sample is printed in low quality to preserve the expensive ink of my Canon printer
  • The heart background is something I just googled. So this may not be re-used commercially.
  • I'm not sure exactly what this card is called, but since there are a lot of tri-fold cards out there, I entitled it Tri-fold Z Card ("z" is for zigzag because of how it appears when opened).
And here's the final output:

Feel free to tell me what you think.
And if you're interested, feel free to contact me on facebook. :)

Onesie for Dana

At this very moment... Dana is kicking me (from the inside)...

And at this very moment... I'm in a pinch... Coz I can't decide...

I actually created 4 designs for a onesie I plan on making for my little one when she comes out, but I do not know which design to print...

Can you help me?

Design 1

Design 2

Design 3

Design 4

Target Output

Well... what do you think?

Saturday, May 19, 2012

PTI Baby Onesie Invitation + Favor It Box 3

Guess what?! Baby is 35 weeks now, and she's still in breech position. She has a week left to turn otherwise, I will be having a CS this June. But whatever she likes is fine with me, as long as she remains healthy and strong. Hubby and I continue to be happy, excited and extremely thankful to God.

So after a day's walk (went to the hospital for my bi-weekly checkup then accompanied hubby to have his panoramic x-ray, he's also due to undergo surgery to remove one of his impacted wisdom teeth (yes, teeth because all 4 of his are impacted and 1 is just starting to "erupt" and is making his gums swell), we finally went home with me having my usual backache. The whole family was supposed to go to Cainta tonight to attend the wake of hubby's grandmother who died last night, but due to this backache, I had to be left alone. Yes, I was brave enough to let them go without me, or let them leave me all by myself at home... :p

But it suddenly rained hard and the thunder was really disturbing. I am not really afraid of thunder but I found out tonight that it's a different story when you're all alone.

So to overcome my fear, aside from praying of course, I decided to finally get off the bed and try out my new 'toys' from Papertrey Ink. They are really not among the new releases of tools, but since I'm from the Philippines and shipping can be costly, I only buy what I think I will be able to use... :p

(Whew! Sorry for the long introduction...)

Anyway, I decided to use their Onesie's Die and Favor it box #3 to create samples for a project which I decided to take on despite me nearing delivery. :p

They are rather simple since this was a "spur of the moment" thing and I had to make do with whatever materials I had on hand.

But the bigger disclaimer(s) are...
1. This is really not how the invites will look... I think they are rooting for a clover-shaped invitation. :p
2. I am not really in charge of the souvenirs. I just created a sample box to try out my PTI FIB#3 die. :p

So that's it. Now I'm gonna go back to rest.

Hopefully I get to create more samples in the future, and that my business finally takes off, and that I receive more likes on my FB Eclations page. :p

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

DVBS 2012 Awards

I'm a little sad tonight. Hubby's sister, for whom I created My First Photobook Project has left for Dubai again. She has been a great sister in the one month we've stayed together. (I enjoyed having one since I grew up as the eldest sister, and only with a big brother.) We'll surely miss her.

Anyway, tonight's post is about another batch of Bear Paperclip Bookmarks. (See previous post on topic here.)

I pretty much used the same tools and design since I didn't have much time to create something really new and unique for the 2012 Daily Vacation Bible School (DVBS) awarding cermony at church; not to mention that my health has been greatly affected by the extremely hot weather lately...

But let me post more details on how this was done:

Materials Used:
- Carl Craft Big Bear Puncher
- Blue and Yellow paper
- Whilte (~200gsm) board
- Canon printer
- Buttons
- Glue gun+stick
- Large Paperclips
- 5" plastic zip bags

Steps (Bookmark):
1. Layout the text "God Makes Me Strong * " continuously through 1 whole page via MS Word.
2. Print out the text on the blue and yellow papers.
3. Punch out the bear shapes from the printed blue and yellow papers using Carl Craft Puncher.
4. Stick together "1 bear cutout + paper clip + 1 bear coutout" using glue gun+stick. I purposely used glue gun because the glue stick will add volume to the bear insides. :p
5. Stick color-coordinated button on the bear, a little to the left of the bear (your right side if facing the bear).

Steps (Card):
1. Layout the design for the card using your pc. For this occasion, I only used MS Word, inserting 3x3 square from Auto-shapes, outlined with 6pt (blue for boys, yellow for girls) borders, then added other necessary text inside the square.
2. Print out the design in plain white board then cut each square accordingly.
3. Clip the bookmarks on the top left corner of the card.
4. Place the bookmark+card package inside the zip bag.


Pretty simple, ei?

You can actually do this on your own, using your own materials and design. If you have other shapes like heart or flower, those would be good also.

Have fun creating and do share your works with me! :)

But for now, mommy's gotta rest. Tomorrow is Labor Day here in the Philippines. And while it is a national holiday, it is in actual, a "labor" day for me... taking the opportunity to catch up on some things at work. :p

Good night and God bless! :)