Tuesday, May 1, 2012

DVBS 2012 Awards

I'm a little sad tonight. Hubby's sister, for whom I created My First Photobook Project has left for Dubai again. She has been a great sister in the one month we've stayed together. (I enjoyed having one since I grew up as the eldest sister, and only with a big brother.) We'll surely miss her.

Anyway, tonight's post is about another batch of Bear Paperclip Bookmarks. (See previous post on topic here.)

I pretty much used the same tools and design since I didn't have much time to create something really new and unique for the 2012 Daily Vacation Bible School (DVBS) awarding cermony at church; not to mention that my health has been greatly affected by the extremely hot weather lately...

But let me post more details on how this was done:

Materials Used:
- Carl Craft Big Bear Puncher
- Blue and Yellow paper
- Whilte (~200gsm) board
- Canon printer
- Buttons
- Glue gun+stick
- Large Paperclips
- 5" plastic zip bags

Steps (Bookmark):
1. Layout the text "God Makes Me Strong * " continuously through 1 whole page via MS Word.
2. Print out the text on the blue and yellow papers.
3. Punch out the bear shapes from the printed blue and yellow papers using Carl Craft Puncher.
4. Stick together "1 bear cutout + paper clip + 1 bear coutout" using glue gun+stick. I purposely used glue gun because the glue stick will add volume to the bear insides. :p
5. Stick color-coordinated button on the bear, a little to the left of the bear (your right side if facing the bear).

Steps (Card):
1. Layout the design for the card using your pc. For this occasion, I only used MS Word, inserting 3x3 square from Auto-shapes, outlined with 6pt (blue for boys, yellow for girls) borders, then added other necessary text inside the square.
2. Print out the design in plain white board then cut each square accordingly.
3. Clip the bookmarks on the top left corner of the card.
4. Place the bookmark+card package inside the zip bag.


Pretty simple, ei?

You can actually do this on your own, using your own materials and design. If you have other shapes like heart or flower, those would be good also.

Have fun creating and do share your works with me! :)

But for now, mommy's gotta rest. Tomorrow is Labor Day here in the Philippines. And while it is a national holiday, it is in actual, a "labor" day for me... taking the opportunity to catch up on some things at work. :p

Good night and God bless! :)

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