Monday, May 28, 2012

NoteCard for my First Giveaway

I am happy! After a long time of wanting it, I finally have it! My Martha Stewart Doily Lace edge punch. <3

But... what I failed to mentioned is that before that... I received this from hubby last Mother's Day. <3

Martha Stewart Scoring Board

And what do you do with these toys? A card? An envelope? A box?

Yes, you can do all these, but for my first project, I opted to create a NoteCard (set of 5) inspired by the Martha Stewart notecard tutorial I watched some weeks back. :) Martha Stewart's notecard is actually 5.5 x 4.25 in size, comprised of 3 multi-colored cardstock, 2 of which are edged differently using different punchers.

However, after trying out different paper and punch combinations, and my "being a minimalist" kicking in... I opted for the basics... tadah!!! :)

Materials Used:
4x5 Beige envelopes
Beige 200gsm board for the outer layer, folded in 3
Colored paper for the inner layer, folded in 2
Doily Lace Edge Punch to design both layers
Ribbon + my Logo to bind them together
Transparency film and excess of my beige paper as the packaging

I am actually giving away this first set through my Eclations FB page. I am canvassing how much I can sell these notecard sets and how much people here in Manila would be willing to pay for it. (I actually found similar notecards from the web which cost 7$ per piece. I also found 2-pc 3x4 Notecards of similar nature in National Bookstore which cost Php 42.50)

So... what do you think? :)

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