Saturday, May 19, 2012

PTI Baby Onesie Invitation + Favor It Box 3

Guess what?! Baby is 35 weeks now, and she's still in breech position. She has a week left to turn otherwise, I will be having a CS this June. But whatever she likes is fine with me, as long as she remains healthy and strong. Hubby and I continue to be happy, excited and extremely thankful to God.

So after a day's walk (went to the hospital for my bi-weekly checkup then accompanied hubby to have his panoramic x-ray, he's also due to undergo surgery to remove one of his impacted wisdom teeth (yes, teeth because all 4 of his are impacted and 1 is just starting to "erupt" and is making his gums swell), we finally went home with me having my usual backache. The whole family was supposed to go to Cainta tonight to attend the wake of hubby's grandmother who died last night, but due to this backache, I had to be left alone. Yes, I was brave enough to let them go without me, or let them leave me all by myself at home... :p

But it suddenly rained hard and the thunder was really disturbing. I am not really afraid of thunder but I found out tonight that it's a different story when you're all alone.

So to overcome my fear, aside from praying of course, I decided to finally get off the bed and try out my new 'toys' from Papertrey Ink. They are really not among the new releases of tools, but since I'm from the Philippines and shipping can be costly, I only buy what I think I will be able to use... :p

(Whew! Sorry for the long introduction...)

Anyway, I decided to use their Onesie's Die and Favor it box #3 to create samples for a project which I decided to take on despite me nearing delivery. :p

They are rather simple since this was a "spur of the moment" thing and I had to make do with whatever materials I had on hand.

But the bigger disclaimer(s) are...
1. This is really not how the invites will look... I think they are rooting for a clover-shaped invitation. :p
2. I am not really in charge of the souvenirs. I just created a sample box to try out my PTI FIB#3 die. :p

So that's it. Now I'm gonna go back to rest.

Hopefully I get to create more samples in the future, and that my business finally takes off, and that I receive more likes on my FB Eclations page. :p

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