Monday, June 11, 2012

PACMAN for MIM #69

Before there was playstation, xbox, or Manny Pacquiao... there was the Nintendo Family computer game... PACMAN.

I actually dreamt of this last night, probably since I was thinking of which idea to pursue and submit in the MIM #69 challenge for my second (and probably last) entry...

So here is my fun take on one of the sketches from the Make It Monday #69 challenge:

It's a fun, inspirational card made of yellow MOODS board and white RIVES paper from the National bookstore, with the "Go Get Them" tag created with PTI's Block Alphabet Die, meant to give the recipient a "push" to go for what he wants, or go against the odds, or fight against adversaries. ;)

But on another note... this card also reminds me of the classic M&M's. Yum! :p

Sunday, June 10, 2012

First Make It Monday Project

Yey, I am excited! =)

Today, I finally got the courage to participate in a Make It Monday challenge (#69) from the Capture the Moment blog I have been following for a while now. :)

The topic was on using day-to-day things seen around you as a sketch inspiration for a card project. And the challenge was to use one of the sketches they provided to create a card.

I fell in love with the pot-holder-inspired sketch below, but I have to admit, I did not follow instructions faithfully. The sketch did say "single paper block cut into strips." but instead I used folded paper. :p Stubbornly, I am still submitting this though.

So, here's my shot at it:

Another guideline was to use at least one Papertrey Ink product. Here I used PTI's Block Alphabet Die Collection to spell out dana (instead of a sentiment) and the Mehndi Medallion Impression Plate to impress on the folded pink paper. :)

The rest of the materials I used are simple white and pink 200gsm papers I bought from National Bookstore, white satin lace, and Martha Stewarts Doily Lace edge punch.

I created this card as inpired by my little Dana who's coming out on Tuesday via C-section.  :) Praying and thanking God for the blessings.

Anyway, I will be taking the rest of the day and tomorrow off to rest and prepare for delivery. But I might create one or a couple more cards to submit before the deadline... as a lot of ideas are currently flying through my mind. :p

Let me know what you think! :)

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Onesie for Dana - Actual

Hello there!

As usual, I have been quite busy with a lot of things. But now I am starting to slow down a bit in preparation for the birth of our baby girl Dana. =)

We had our check-up today and she's still in breech position. Not to worry though, because test results show she is healthy and fine. Can you believe that she's actually 7 lbs already? No wonder she cannot turn into the proper position for delivery... she just won't fit in my small frame (or pelvic area). So, our ob scheduled us for c-section this Tuesday, June 12, 2012. Coincidentally, that is also the Philippine Independence Day! So yep, we're having ang Independence Day baby girl! <3

Anyway, last time, I posted 4 designs for a Onesie project I was planning to make for my Dana here. And the survey resulted to me using the first design. So I just wanna share with you tonight, my finished product (sorry for the poor photo quality. It actually looks better in person, really. :p)

So... what do you think?

Me? I am actually thinking of making more onesies using the other 3 designs from my previous blog post. :p