Monday, June 11, 2012

PACMAN for MIM #69

Before there was playstation, xbox, or Manny Pacquiao... there was the Nintendo Family computer game... PACMAN.

I actually dreamt of this last night, probably since I was thinking of which idea to pursue and submit in the MIM #69 challenge for my second (and probably last) entry...

So here is my fun take on one of the sketches from the Make It Monday #69 challenge:

It's a fun, inspirational card made of yellow MOODS board and white RIVES paper from the National bookstore, with the "Go Get Them" tag created with PTI's Block Alphabet Die, meant to give the recipient a "push" to go for what he wants, or go against the odds, or fight against adversaries. ;)

But on another note... this card also reminds me of the classic M&M's. Yum! :p

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