Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Craft Soiree #3

This is a backtrack post, on a Craft Soiree I attended last December 8, 2012 at Pino restaurant, Jupiter St., Makati.

I have been following a lot of blogs from the US and I really get envious reading about card swaps, craft conventions, etc.

I've always wanted to participate in one!

So when an officemate told me about Life After Breakfast and the many events it hosts, I got so excited! Sure enough, one of the events was a Craft Soiree were different crafters get to meet and exhange handmade items!

I signed up right away! :)

But my excitement turned into worry because I didn't know what craft to make/give, and would it be good enough? would the recipient be happy with it? would they think it's worth the effort they gave on the craft their giving me?

Thankfully, hubby encouraged me to create some of the things I have created before, and as long as I create them with love, the receiver should be happy with it. :)

So here are the items I created, although I would say they are a mix of digital+handmade items.

A Paperclip Bookmark
A Ref Magnet
A Notecard

I really wanted to draw my own design and print them onto the ref magnet, but since baby and I got sick and couldn't do it anymore, I re-used free Precious Moments gifs from the internet and inserted my favorite Bible verses. Actually, I just reused the designs that were in the ref magnets I made for Dana's dedication last month.

I also planned on creating handmade dolls, but that idea is now parked until the next craft soiree I am attending, if I would be attending again. I'm really rather shy. :">

I also planned to create felt accessories and "named bookmarks" separately but again, since we got sick, I had to narrow down these 2 ideas into 1 project --- a tag, attached into the "package" I was giving away:

And lastly, here's my calling card:

So that's it for tonight. It is really a challenge getting sick, a lot of things cannot be done, so do take good care always! :)

Merry Christmas everyone!

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