Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Dana's Pull-up Dedication Invitation, Etc

Last November 17, 2012, we finally "dedicated our little Dana unto God."

The occasion was happy and blessed. But of course, it wouldn't pass without any "DIY" from me. This was actually a challenge because it was hard juggling between work and my personal life. But if I can craft for other people, why wouldn't I craft for my most precious, right?

So for this event, I decided to create the invitations, additional souvenirs and other minor stuff. Yey!

The Invitation

The invitations were pull-up surpise cards I learned from here. Although I made some revisions and I also used a digital layout.

The front of the card, a collage of my baby's photos were developed by Picture City. The rest were created and printed at home. For embellishments, I added pink felt butterfly and rose, topped with rhinestone and pearl respectively.

Pulling up the tab at the top reveals the "You're Invited!" message and the dedication details.

For the packaging, I just used a Concorde envelope from National Bookstore, wrapped around with brown felt and pink DMC thread.

The Souvenir

For the souvenirs, we opted to just order more pieces of the Sugar Cookies from Max's Bakeshop. I simply added a personalized tag containing Dana's photo and other details.

But since I thought these were too simple, I created refrigerator magnets as well. In the interest of time, I had to use free precious moments downloadables, and added one favorite Bible verse on each magnet. :)

Table Numbers, Etc.

Lastly, I created the Table Numbers and registration form for the event. I also created notepads for the guests to place their messages for Dana or us.

And so thankfully, by God's amazing grace, everything went well, everyone was happy, our little family was truly blessed. :)


  1. Hi Ms. Jacq! This is colleen from the Craft Soiree (I hope you still remember, hehe) Can't seem to find your facebook page. I posted our craft soiree photos there ;) Here's my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/craftmonsters.flowerrealm ;)

    1. hi colleen! of course i remember you! thanks for the post! i'm adding you in facebook now. hope we meet again! :)