Sunday, December 2, 2012

DIY Dolls

So my officemate showed me last month that CRAFT MNL was having a handmade doll-making session (see list of activities here) and I really, really, really, as in really wanted to go!

But since it was far from where I currently live, and I am not comfortable travelling on my own (my officemate couldn't come either)... I had to let it pass... T_T

Then an idea came to mind... why not, conduct our own doll-making session!?

Yep, that's right... our own doll-making session. =)

So my team agreed to meet yesterday, December 1 and create our own DIY dolls.

Did we know what we were doing? Not really.

But after watching a couple of youtube tutorials, we managed to survive and end the day with our own handmade dolls.

The trial version I made a couple of weeks back.
The model of yesterday's session.

Our dolly babies <3

Not bad for starters, right?! =)

I'm just really happy everything turned out fine and we all went home with smiles on our faces and dolls on our embrace. Though some have yet to complete their dolly clothes. Hihihi. :P

A happy, crafty afternoon indeed! :) We'll definitely do this again! :)

On another note... I was really worried at first that after watching tutorials, our dolls would only end up as copy-cats. But I think with our own handrawn pattern and felt hair workaround, our dollies have developed their own identity (unless there are similar dolls out there I haven't seen yet). So right now, we are kinda wondering if we should put-up our patterns for sale, and I'd have to make a video tutorial on how to use them too!

What do you think? :)

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