Monday, February 27, 2012

Bear Paperclip Bookmarks

Arrrrgggghhh! Bachache strikes again. Now accompanied with a bit of tummy ache and a lot of leg cramps. But, I choose to think positive. Happy Happy Happy because "everything means baby"! <3

Anyway, another thing that made me happy today is a simple bookmark project I completed for our townhall meeting at work.

Since the theme was post-valentine, but we didn't want to be too "hearty", we opted for cute teddy bear punch outs instead.

Supplies Used:
Jumbo Carl Craft Bear Puncher
Large-sized Paper Clip
Used Magazine Pages
Red Button
White textured paper around 200 gsm
Canon printer
Glue Gun and Stick

Too bad I forgot to take a picture of the back. As usual, I inserted my eclations logo and promoted this blogsite, but I opted not to place my mobile number this time. They can always ping me via OC at work anyway. :p

So that's it. I gotta rest for now. Hope you liked this quick post, and the bookmarks too!

BTW, the bookmark is the "paperclip with bear on top" itself. The white board is just a holder. :)

Good night and God bless everyone! :)

Monday, February 20, 2012

Irish Anyone?

Tonight's post is not a backtrack one. :) Yey!

Anyway, I have this friend who's due to give birth to a baby girl in March. And since they are naming her Irish, they wanted her to wear clothes in shades of green, or those that contain the Irish symbol or 4-leaf clover much like the ones below:

Sample onesies posted by my friend in Facebook.
These are not mine nor hers, must have been taken from the net.
Sorry for not posting the source links here.

And since I will be a godmother to this child, and since hubby and I were going to the mall to canvass stuff for our own baby last weekend, and since I had t-shirt transfer paper leftovers, and since this was not too hard and stressful to make at this point, I decided to make her one. :)

Disclaimer: Since this will be for personal use, I only used images I downloaded from google. That's mainly coz I didn't have the capacity to create my own elements at this point, given my health challenges and all. But I did, come up with "my own" layout using these downloaded images.

And here's the Irish onesie I created:

The next question would be... how do I deliver this to the mom-to-be? We'll figure. :p

Some more personal thoughts...
I was really enthusiastic about trying this project out because my own baby is due to come out into this lovely world by June [10] 2012. And I've been planning to create for her (yes, the doctor says gender's 70% girl) onesies -- 1 for each monthsary of her birth. I just haven't decided yet if I would be creating different designs each month, or just 1 design but the "number" changes every time... like a cupcake or minicake with a number candle on top that says how many months my little one is at that time.

Anyway, that is for another post... a really future post... :)

For now, I'm just glad things turned out fine with the Irish onesie. :)

Til next time, I gotta rest because this backpain has been bugging me the whole day... Good night! :)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

June 2011 Reflections

And here is my last backtrack post on Reflections. :)

For June 2011, I simply printed out my reflections in tag-like pages and re-used the girl I drew for my Finishing Strong card entry to the Gallery Idol contest (view more on that post here) for the cover, accessorized with buttons and ribbons.

And that's it! Hope you enjoyed that quick post.

Disclaimer: I think I need to say sorry for making my posts short lately. To be honest, I am a "visual" person and although I visit more than 20 blogs for inspiration, I hardly "read" the entries; I just view the photos. And I think most of my visitors would be doing the same at this point. But.... But.... But... for future "non-backtrack" posts, I'll try to be more detailed in descriptions, add more information on supplies used, and perhaps place step-by-step instructions on how some projects are done.

But... again, but... that won't happen in the near future. Because I still have a lot of backtrack posts to post. :p My next posts will probably cover the awards I created for our Children's Church recognition.

I hope you can still be patient with me, and continue to follow me. :) Haha! As if I already have that many followers. But if you are following me, thank you! And invite your friends to follow me too!

Cheers! :)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

April 2011 Reflections

A couple of nights ago, I mentioned my February 2011 Reflections being my second to the last backtrack post on reflections.

I stand corrected.

Because, this, is my second to the last backtrack post on reflections.

And like my previous posts, this is gonna be short and sweet. Haha!

So anyway, for my April 2011 Reflections, I made, a paper fan! I re-used the cartoon version of myself for the cover, and as an accent to succeeding pages where I printed out my reflections.

And here are the photos:

And that's all I have for you tonight.
Hopefully I get to post my last backtrack reflections post tomorrow. It's actually similar to an award I also created for kids at church. Do watch out for that, okay?

God bless and cheers!

Monday, February 6, 2012

February 2011 Reflections

Tonight I'm jumping to February 2011 Reflections... not because there are items I skipped, but pretty much coz I kinda stopped creatively submitting my reflections from September 2010 to January 2011. Either that, or I just wasn't able to take pictures of my reflections at the time. Haha.

So for my February 2011 reflections, I re-used a caricature of myself and drew caricatures of my mom and bestfriend to create our own paper dolls. Then the clothes come in many pages of different colors where we each wrote down our reflections.

I wont post much details anymore, as I am really sleepy right now, sorry. But I hope you take time looking at the photos and tell me what you think. :)

Meet mom. :)

Meet my bff at church. :)

And these are the pages... :)
That's it for tonight! Pretty quick, eh?
This is actually my 2nd to the last backtrack post on Reflections.
Last one will be posted tomorrow - Paper Fan April 2011 Reflections.

God bless everyone! :)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Twin August 2010 Reflections

And here is my last post for tonight! I'll be hitting the sack in a bit. I guess you can say I'm trying to speedup the backtrack posts. That's coz I want to get started on new ones... new cards and layouts and stuff. Yey!

But for now, here are my Twin August 2010 Reflection layouts. Twin coz 1 layout but 2 sets, differing in colors only.

First, I created simple note papers where my mom and bestfriend can write down their reflections. These small pieces of paper are enveloped in a transparency paper, sealed with asterisk cutouts and gumtape; then posted on a 5x5 card contaning the titles. :)

That's it! See you next time. Good night! :)

August 2010 Reflections

It's almost 9 in the evening here. And I'm still lying down, sideways, arms stretched to type on  my laptop while in bed, pushing my right cheek against my soft pillow for a little relief from toothache, feeling baby kick me from time to time on the side. I'm guessing in a little while I'll be forced to change to another position, but before I do that, let me post about the August 2010 Reflections I made.

It's a multi-fold cream paper where I printed my reflections back to back and posted in between front and back cardboard covers:

The covers are made from pink shimmering cardstock. The front is designed simply with a print out of the title "August 2010 Reflections":

For the packaging, I used a transparency paper from National Bookstore (as always), cut in the shape of an envelope, and sealed (tied) with a thin satin pink ribbon:

Pretty simple eh? I really wasn't hoping much when I made this, but I'm happy with the way it turned out. And I really looooooove pink., so the ribbon's enough to get me smiling. :)

I'll change positions for now. When I get another chance, I'll post about the twin August 2010 Reflection templates I created for my mom and bestfriend. Hope you read that too! :)

July 2010 Reflections

Hi! I hope you're all doing fine. Well I've got a terrible toothache. And for some reason, it has kept me in bed all day, causing me to miss church and miss another special event. Friends say it's still related to my pregnancy and I need to strart taking Calcium soon. Really soon.

And while I'm at it (lying in bed, that is), let me post another one of my reflection projects back in 201. This batch is relatively simple since I didn't have much time to be creative.

I simply assembled white bond papers where my reflections were printed out; green cardstock to serve as cover; decorated with green medallion stamp and green ribbon:

While these are the notepads I created for my mom and bestfriend, where they can write their own reflections. I just used scrapbooking materials I bought from National Bookstore. :p

That's it! Such a quick post. I gotta rest a little bit again. I do hope my toothache does not make me miss work tomorrow too!

Have a great evening! Cheers! :)