Sunday, March 25, 2012

Digiscrap: Irish Freyja

I think I mentioned last time that a friend of mine was giving birth this March 2012, and she did! :)

Last Friday Morning, March 16, 2012, I received a personal call from her telling me the great news!

She has just given birth to a very charming baby girl, Irish Freyja. :)

To welcome this blessing into the world and into their lives, here's a quick Digiscrap I put together:

I really don't have much experience working with the color green, but I had to use it since the name Irish, aside from being derived from the child's father, is also meant to be associated with the 4-leaf clover symbol of the Irish community for luck (or as Christians, I'd say, blessing). :)

Materials Used:
Background and embellishments from
MS Photodraw

A little note on PixelScrapper -- it is a wonderful site of free scrapbooking pages and embellishments. :) You can download them for free and use most of them even for Commercial Use. How cool and convenient is that?! But we all know that maintaining a website such as that can be very costly... If you plan to visit and use items from the site, please support the site by donating! :)

So that's it for tongiht. Gotta hit the sack. I've been having this unexplainable headache since last Friday... and I still have work tomorrow then gotta go to the hospital for another checkup.

We're finally seeing our baby in 4d! <3<3<3 Excited Much! :)

Friday, March 2, 2012

Baby Dress Invitation

So tonight my post is about my first attempt at card making special style. :)

This feature is about a Baby Dedication Invitation, or perhaps could be a Birthday Invitation, styled as a girl's dress.

I was meaning to send this as an entry to a US publication, under the Inspired By category, since I was inspired by a lot of several other cards like this, but yeah, I've seen better so I am no longer sending this in. And because of that, I can post this here. :)

I'll just try to come up with something better and perhaps join in the future.

But for now... what do you think? Feel free to post your comments.

And oh, I think it's my first time posting something with my watermark on this blog. Did you notice?
And oh, I made the gold rose by hand. Another first for me. :)

Supplies Used:
Gold cardstock
Brown Satin Ribbon
Rose made out of gold ribbon
Net cloth (I'm not yet sure what it is called)
Gold leaf accents
Little yellow sequins
Glue gun + Glue stick