Saturday, January 5, 2013

DIY: Rubberstamp

Here's a quick post on DIY Rubberstamp or should I say... "eraser" stamp. ^^v

Actually, I missed a Rubberstamping workshop last December but I found out that another one's gonna be held this February. So I am current contemplating whether or not I should attend, or if I can attend given my busy schedule with work and family.

But since I have low EQ and I am rather excited about the idea of creating my own stamps, I tried it out using an eraser and my x-acto knife and here's how it turned out:

It was really harder than I thought. So I really hope I get to attend that session and get some tips and tricks into doin this better. :P


  1. Where did you buy your erasers for rubber stamps? :)

    1. Just from National bookstore. They're a bit small (around 1x3 inches) but just right since my design was pretty small. Still in search for those large rubber blocks. :p