Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Dove Plushie

I was on sick leave today. My lack of sleep has finally taken a toll on me... Did I mention baby and I were sick with colds?

So for the whole day I was trying to sleep but since I am not really a day sleeper, I guess, my head ached more. Hahaha... Ironic.

So I finally got up from bed and decided I would do something I have always wanted to do... A plushie!

And here's what I did:

1. I took some red felt cloth, cut-out a heart, some polka-dot cloth and cut-out a silhouette of a dove. Or some bird.

2. I sew the felt heart on 1 side of the cloth, right side up.

3. Then putting back the 2 pcs of dove-shaped cloth together, right sides inside, I sew the two pieces together, leaving a tiny hole on the top middle part of the bird. This is where I plan to insert polyester fiber to fluff the plushie.

4. When all the sewing was done, I turned the cloth right side out.

5. Using the bottom part of a pen, I inserted chunks of polyester fiber, adding volume to the dove.

6. Lastly, I sealed the top middle part with a red ribbon to use to hang the plushie.

And here is my finished product:

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