Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hearts Day Dove

I've just finished going through posts from this blog I discovered through craftgawker, The Pink Doormat, and I really love her posts especially on papercrafts. I hope I can try some of them someday. She's really been an inspiration to me in such a short time.

Her blog also inspired me to keep on blogging. So tonight I'm posting another one on dove plushies.


An officemate saw the first dove plushie I created a while back and has asked me to create 8 personalized ones for her. She's giving them to her daughter's teachers on Hearts Day. I call it Hearts Day because we don't really "celebrate" Valentine's Day. Everyday should be, and is, Hearts Day!

So here they are, and I just hope the teachers would love them:

And what's actually made me happier is that another officemate has just expressed interest in ordering Owl plushies for her daughter's bedroom.

Now that is something I have yet to learn....

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