Thursday, April 25, 2013

Princess Invitation

Normally I would wait for a friend's event to be over before I post photos on my blog/fb page but I am just so happy that I am posting already. Of course, I had to resist posting photos of the inside part to protect the confidentiality of my friend, and since I didn't have time to edit and blurr some items. :p

Anyway, the reason that I am happy is... are...
- I've always wanted to create this type of card and I finally did!
- It was more of a "spur-of-the-moment" thing, w/o much planning, I just gathered materials, assembled and there...! Thankfully my friend liked it.
- It is of my favorite color combination (brown and pink)

and... last but not the least...

These babies are going to CANADA!

Yep, my first (and hopefully not my last) international project! <3<3<3


And they come in Pink+Purple combo too:

 And... there are matching tags too!

These are for a 7th birthday party, by the way. :)
They have been shipped last Monday and expected to arrive in Canada in 5-7 days.
I am excited yet kinda anxious at the same time... I really hope and pray the package arrives safely and in good condition... And I really hope our little princess will love them after seeing them in person!

So, what do you think? =)

Friday, April 5, 2013

A Clover Party

Last post was on when?! February 24?! I can't believe I missed posting at least one item for March! Must have been busy...

Well, for the past month, I realized I can be a supermom too... You do not need to be a "stay at home mom" to be a "supermom". So for the past month, I have taken care of my baby, worked worked worked, and even took on some projects for some friends.

But tonight, I would like to backtrack on a post I have held back for a long time, for a year, in fact. But I'm glad I finally got to showcase it tonight! :)

dot... dot... dot...

So last March 16, 2013, we celebrated my inaanak's baptism and birthday. She's such a darling! <3 I got to see my closest friends from gradeschool too! :)

And I thank God, and my dear friend YZ, they allowed me to be part of this occasion.

My contributions:

These invites were actually made a year ago.
You'll see the other version later with the baby's updated picture.

The Tags. Since it was almost St. Patrick's Day and the baby's named Irish, the birthday them was Clover. :)

My gifts:

I actually made few onesies with this design of different sizes which Irish wore every month until her first birthday.
See below. :)

Tarpaulin layout designed by YZ. The onesies worn by Irish as shown on the collage were made by me. :)
A throw pillow in the shape of a 4-leaf Clover.

I really had fun! I also got to take home a whole hard drive of movies and anime! <3

I really hope we can do this again, with my darling Dana next time! :)