Thursday, April 25, 2013

Princess Invitation

Normally I would wait for a friend's event to be over before I post photos on my blog/fb page but I am just so happy that I am posting already. Of course, I had to resist posting photos of the inside part to protect the confidentiality of my friend, and since I didn't have time to edit and blurr some items. :p

Anyway, the reason that I am happy is... are...
- I've always wanted to create this type of card and I finally did!
- It was more of a "spur-of-the-moment" thing, w/o much planning, I just gathered materials, assembled and there...! Thankfully my friend liked it.
- It is of my favorite color combination (brown and pink)

and... last but not the least...

These babies are going to CANADA!

Yep, my first (and hopefully not my last) international project! <3<3<3


And they come in Pink+Purple combo too:

 And... there are matching tags too!

These are for a 7th birthday party, by the way. :)
They have been shipped last Monday and expected to arrive in Canada in 5-7 days.
I am excited yet kinda anxious at the same time... I really hope and pray the package arrives safely and in good condition... And I really hope our little princess will love them after seeing them in person!

So, what do you think? =)

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