Monday, May 20, 2013

Paper Rosette Awards

This May, the kids at church attended a 3-day Vacation Bible School.
This year's theme was Sidekicks Reloaded.

To reward the kids for their God-glorifying performance during the said 3 days, my mom and I decided to work on "paper rosette awards". :)

Materials Used:
- Gift Wrapper (Stripes)
- BBQ Stick
- Styro foam
- White thick paper
- Japanese Paper
- Paper cup
- Ribbons
- Printer
- EK Success 2.25 Large Circle Puncher
- And lots of glue

The Parts:

1. Center
- For the center, I printed the church name and VBS theme bordering around the names of the children which were printed at the center.
- I then used my EK success puncher to punch out the circles which will then be attached to the center of the rosettes.

2. Rosette
- Here, I cut out strips from the stripe gift wrapper I bought from SM department store.
- See steps on how to create this via this youtube tutorial (not mine)
- Then I stuck the circles punched out earlier in front and the back of the rosette using lots and lots of glue.

3. Awards
- The awards were simply printed on strips of white paper and then cutout.

4. Base
- A piece of styro foam was wrapped in japanese paper then inserted inside a ribbon-adorned papercup to serve as base.

The Assembly:

1. Insert one end of the BBQ stick to the paper rosette.
2. Evenly stick the award strips onto the mid section of the stick as if they were street signs.
3. Insert the other end of the stick through the styrofoam.


I am so happy and overwhelmed with the positive feedback we received last Sunday. The children, as well as the adults, were really happy with them.

I praise and thank God for the wisdom.

And I especially give kudos and thanks to my mom who really poured in lots of love and effort in assembling these together.

Oh my, didn't that just sound as if I were actually delivering an award's speech? Haha!

Hope you liked this post. If you enjoyed it, share it! :)

God bless! :)

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Luau Party Invitation

It's almost the rainy season here in the Philippines and I can't believe, I haven't posted this yet.

This is from a Luau Invitation+Tag set I created for an officemate who's lovely daughter was turning 3.

Since I didn't want to pay for re-using gifs found over the internet, I drew the girl myself. :)


That's it for now. I'm currently busy with my own daughter's upcoming birthday. I really hope and pray preparations are over soon and that the event itself will be a success!

Happy Saturday and God bless! :)