Saturday, June 15, 2013

DIY Jollibee Party

I know I said the next post was gonna be on Pompom Tree, but I decided to just post photos of the things I created myself for Dana's first birthday party at Jollibee. :)

And as a bonus, I'm adding links to tutorials/inspirations which I used as reference to create certain items.

1. Pompom Tree + Button Pins
  • I created 5 layouts for button pins and had them printed locally. These were placed on a glass jar which I adorned with a simple paper doily border.
  • I then created a pompom tree using pink tulle, which I stuck with a balloon stick and planted on a small white vase to stand beside the button pins' jar.
  • Pompom tutorial: How to Make Tulle Poms

2. Ruffle Tote Bags
  • I sew strips of organza cloth into a ready-made tote bag to make ruffles.
  • I then placed a strip of ribbon around the tote, above the sewn part of the ruffles.
  • For the tote bag of the boys, I simply used a wider satid ribbon instead of ruffles.
  • I then adorned the center with a "D" monogram.
  • Inspiration: Ruffle Tote Bag tutorial

3. Photobooth (Printout) Layout

 4. Dana's Party Dress
  • Yes, I did her dress myself. :)
  • I created a fusion of tutu and balloon dress in white.
  • Then decorated the dress with a satin red rose to match her shoes.
  • Reference: How to Make a Tulle Skirt
5. Gallery
  • One of hubby's officemate was gracious enough to gift Dana with a photo gallery, which I was really happy about because I really wanted to put up a small photo corner on Dana's birthday.
  • I just surrounded the framed photos with paper pinwheels and monograms spelling out Dana's name.
  • References: Pinwheel Tutorial, Martha Stewart Alphabet Molds

6. Paper Crowns
  • I created simple crowns by punching one edge of a strip of cartonlina then attaching both ends with a stapler.
  • This replaced the traditional party hat.
  • Reference: Martha Stewart Deep Edge Punch (Heart)

What do you think? :)

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