Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Paper Pompoms and Butterflies

My team and I have been really excited lately, planning for a little girl's upcoming 7th Birthday Party.

The theme is... fairies and butterflies!

And since we were eager to try doing some stuff on our own (rather than buy them from the party supplies store), here's what we came up with these past 2 days:

1. Paper Pompoms

For this we used 1 pack of Japanese Paper (containing 10 sheets).
We then cut the sheets in half, placed them altogether, then folded in accordion style.
Then we rounded the ends of the paper.
Then we bound the center with a string, and gently separated the sheets of paper therefore creating the volume of the pompom.

It's pretty easy, isn't it?
You may also refer to this video for the tutorial.

2. Butterfly Invite

Now this is just a prototype. :)
We wanted the invitation to be simple but with a touch of creativity and elegance to it.
So we decided to die cut butterflies out of green and pink paper and adhered it on top of ring of paper which would then be used to hold the "scroll" or invitation itself.
The top butterfly is folded at the center to create a dimension or 3d effect. :)

But after thinking about things for a while, we decided we might want to create a pop-up invitation instead. But we do not have samples yet so I might be posting about that on another day. :)

What do you think?

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