Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Flower Clips

So I was playing with my new EK Success Punchers... I wanted to see if they can punch through different materials like felt cloth... I observed that depending on the thickness, the punchers can actually cut through felt cloths!

This really excited me and so I let my hands run free and craft away!

Using buttons, glue gun, hair clips, felt and my puncher, I created a new set of felt accessories:

Assorted Felt Accessories
My Little Dana models them. <3

And you know what's fun?!
These flowers can be used as other types of accessories too. The photo below shows how it can be used as a little bridesmaid or flowergirl's hand band. <3

And in case you have forgotten... I am actually selling these and other stuffs you find through my blog. You can visit my page at Facebook or email me for inquiries. :)


Calendar Coasters

I know it's rather late, but I didn't want to give up on the idea........

I was really planning to make mini-calendars to give away last Christmas... but "time" has been challenging again... so now I'm giving them away, post-Christmas.

I used to call these "push-pin calendars" because I used push-pins to hold the pages together, but since the holder looks like a coaster without the pages, I opted to call them "Calendar Coasters" instead.

What do you think?

By the way... I am thinking of creating my first video tutorial... is there any item (from my works) you want it to be about?

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Paper Medals

Is it that time already!? Yes it is.

Well, it was already 6 months ago when my mother and I created awards for our Children's Church recognition program. We used a PTI doily die and gold ribbon back then. See photos here.

But this time, to reward our lovely students for their July 2012 to December 2012 performance...

I got to use one of my new toys for the first time!

EK Success Large Paper shapers.
I really really really love them! So pretty and easy to use.
Special thanks to my very good friend, YZ! As in super thanks! :)

So I headed to my laptop, drafted circular awards, randomly using images as edges, and printed them right away! I used my Circle Punch and it only took less than 10 minutes before all circles were cut:

But then I was in a pinch. I was doing things spontaneously without any design or plan in mind. Sheeesh... I do that all the time... and so I didn't know how to move forward.

So then I decided, I'm gonna use ribbons.
Then I'm gonna seal the back part with another cricle.
That would be the easy thing to do.
I'd be done with this in an hour or less.

But since I was not conent with just that, in the end I resorted to using my favorite PTI Doily Die and here's how things turned out...

I can say they're pretty simple. But hey, they were made with full of patience and love. Imagine punching out those little holes. I really should buy that punch-out tool. hahaha.

So what do you think? I just hope the little children will like them! :p

Saturday, January 5, 2013

DIY: Rubberstamp

Here's a quick post on DIY Rubberstamp or should I say... "eraser" stamp. ^^v

Actually, I missed a Rubberstamping workshop last December but I found out that another one's gonna be held this February. So I am current contemplating whether or not I should attend, or if I can attend given my busy schedule with work and family.

But since I have low EQ and I am rather excited about the idea of creating my own stamps, I tried it out using an eraser and my x-acto knife and here's how it turned out:

It was really harder than I thought. So I really hope I get to attend that session and get some tips and tricks into doin this better. :P