Sunday, February 24, 2013

Owl Doll

I made an owl doll today. My first try at it. It's my response to an inquiry if I can actually make one.

What do you think?

I'll post tutorial details probably tomorrow. :)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Calendar Coasters 2

Remember the Calendar Coasters I made last time?

They come in blue and yellow too! :)

Wall Decor

These past day's I've been addicted to looking at different DIY room/wall decors and I've particularly liked decoupaged acrylic blocks. So I decided I'll create my own.

Materials Used:

* Acrylic Blocks
* Felt Cloth
* Patterned Paper
* Rhinestones
* Buttons
* Scissors
* Bigkick
* PTI Alphabet dies (lower case)
* Glue Gun+Stick

1. Cut out your felt cloth into different animal shapes. Unfortunately I cannot provide templates as I did not use any. But you can search them through google images. :)

2. Cut out names from your felth cloth using your die cutter and alphabet dies.

3. Hot glue the base animal shapes and letters into the acrylic blocks.

4. Accentuate the animals using patterned paper, buttons and rhinestones.

So here's what I came up with:

What do you think? :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hearts Day Dove

I've just finished going through posts from this blog I discovered through craftgawker, The Pink Doormat, and I really love her posts especially on papercrafts. I hope I can try some of them someday. She's really been an inspiration to me in such a short time.

Her blog also inspired me to keep on blogging. So tonight I'm posting another one on dove plushies.


An officemate saw the first dove plushie I created a while back and has asked me to create 8 personalized ones for her. She's giving them to her daughter's teachers on Hearts Day. I call it Hearts Day because we don't really "celebrate" Valentine's Day. Everyday should be, and is, Hearts Day!

So here they are, and I just hope the teachers would love them:

And what's actually made me happier is that another officemate has just expressed interest in ordering Owl plushies for her daughter's bedroom.

Now that is something I have yet to learn....

Monday, February 11, 2013


Last Saturday, we held another "Crafternoon" at an officemate's place. It was supposed to start at 10 in the morning but I was late. We decided that I would bring over my craft tools but I couldn't find a bag large enough to contain them.

So when I got the largest bag I could find, I was only able bring 1/4 of my "cabinet". I figured the remaining 3/4 are mainly "kalat" which I store just in case I would need them in the future.

Anyway... I was so happy my work friends appreciated the tools and we had a really fun crafternoon! :)

And here are the photos:

Kalat-Time! :D

Jen's and Eone's Works

My Works

Ces' Works

Denise's Works
I especially love these 3 made by Denise. They're like mini-paintings at an art gallery. :p

And this is Ces, Eone, Me, Denise and Jen showcasing some of our finished products.
And so we decided... we'll definitely do this again!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

It's a Tiny Pillow!

Tiny Pillow... in the sun... makes me feel happy... makes me feel warm... naaah!

So after my crazy attempt at creating a dove plushie, there I was, yesterday, making another polyester fiber project... a tiny pillow!

This was much simpler to do, actually --

Materials Used:
  • Patterned Fabric
  • Net cloth
  • Felt Cloth
  • Pearls
  • Needle + Thread
  • Polyester Fiber
  • Sizzix Bigshot and 3D flower die
Steps in making the heart embellishment:
  1. Using Sizzix Bigshot and 3D Flower Die, cut several pieces of felt cloth and roll them from the outer edge towards the center to turn into flower. Seal the bottom part with glue. (I'm not really good with words as I am a "visual" person myself. So to better understand what I am talking about, you may watch a video tutorial I found in youtube: How to make a flower...)
  2. Cut a heart shape from your remaining felt and stick your 3d flowers until the entire heart is filled.
  3. Cut 12-inch long and 2-inch wide Net cloth and tie it into a ribbon. Then glue the heart of flowers on top of the ribbon.
This is what you should have:

Steps to making the pillow:
1. Cut out 2 squares, equally sized, from your patterned fabric.

2. Placing the 2 fabric pieces together, pattern side facing each other, then sew around the edges of the square but leave 1 inch at the lower right side open.

3. Turn your cloth right-side up, the pattern now shown and fill the pillow with polyester fiber through the 1-inch opening.
4. When the desired fluffiness is achieved, sew the opening .
5. Then take your heart embellishment and glue it at the lower right side of the pillow.

And there you have it. Pardon me for not posting enough photos in this tutorial. I kinda tend to do things on a whim and really didn't plan on creating a tutorial for this. But tonight I decided I kinda wanted to share something on my blog, thus, this post. :P


I really thank God for giving me the opportunity to make things like this. It really is His instrument to help me de-stress. Indeed, my God is really great! :)together

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Dove Plushie

I was on sick leave today. My lack of sleep has finally taken a toll on me... Did I mention baby and I were sick with colds?

So for the whole day I was trying to sleep but since I am not really a day sleeper, I guess, my head ached more. Hahaha... Ironic.

So I finally got up from bed and decided I would do something I have always wanted to do... A plushie!

And here's what I did:

1. I took some red felt cloth, cut-out a heart, some polka-dot cloth and cut-out a silhouette of a dove. Or some bird.

2. I sew the felt heart on 1 side of the cloth, right side up.

3. Then putting back the 2 pcs of dove-shaped cloth together, right sides inside, I sew the two pieces together, leaving a tiny hole on the top middle part of the bird. This is where I plan to insert polyester fiber to fluff the plushie.

4. When all the sewing was done, I turned the cloth right side out.

5. Using the bottom part of a pen, I inserted chunks of polyester fiber, adding volume to the dove.

6. Lastly, I sealed the top middle part with a red ribbon to use to hang the plushie.

And here is my finished product: