Saturday, March 1, 2014

How To: Create a Clover Flower Headband

So it's the first day of March 2014 and you know what happens in March? It's my dear Irish Freyja's birthday! :)

And because her parents love clover so much, not to mention Irish is named, Irish, I decided to create a Clover Flower headband for her. (If that statement didn't make any sense, lookup St. Patrick's Day. ^^v)

And since this pretty easy to make, I created 2 more for my nieces, in pink, coz they like pink! :)

And I am very sure, you can make one too. So I am sharing another tutorial video for you.

But I have to say, sorry for the shaky video... I don't have a good cam yet and I actually shot this video with my webcam strapped to my collar.

And when you do create one, please share them with me.
You may comment here or share your work on my FB page:

Until next time! ;)